Fashion Brunch “the Taste of Style”

“Fashion Brunch is a one-of-a-kind, upscale, fashionable brunch! This is the place to be for all foodies and fashion lovers! Dishes will be inspired by the featured fashion designer where the chef will create a tailor-made menu in collaboration with the designer’s collection.

For our premier Fashion Brunch, Gerardo Encinas (Fashion Week Columbus 2016 designer), will showcase his beautiful “Frida” collection.” -via Facebook


“This program is brought to you by: De NOVO on the Park, Haute Food, and Fashion Week Columbus


Hashtagmania IV the – War for Improvisational Supremacy

On Thursday April 5, 2017 at Shadow box live, four teams faced off in various crowd motivated game to crown the winning group of improvisational comedians. the Wow Factor was on 100 as participants push the comic genius to the limit to to defeat the or teams in the end their can only be only one.

We met over four years ago in an improv class, and the rest is history. We’ve said from the beginning that we want to make sure that every experience with us is entertaining, fun and that the audience feels like a part of something. It’s all about the #makepeoplehappy philosophy, and we love building that community here in Columbus, OH




SoCo (RMC) at the 23rd Annual Hip Hop Expo

“Created by Brothers Helpin Bruthas(BHB) in 1995, the Hip Hop Expo showcases talent and provides a forum for networking artist, industry entrepreneurs, & hip hop enthusiast.

Aspiring lyricists travel miles just to get a chance to spit a rhyme in the mighty anticipated M.C. battle. DJ’s bring their rotation of rhythms telling their stories through spinning records & showing their skills by mixing cutting & scratching. B-Boys/ B-Girls, breakers, and hip hop dancers lay down thier new moves on vinyl floor adorned with the signatures of “graff” artist.

The Hip Hop Expo has become an event that many midwest hip hop enthusiast use as a place to network & voice their reverence for the culture. Hip Hop DJ & dance students are now staff & entertainers @ the Expo. Every monday & tuesday BHB provides workshops in the community using his positive hip movement to deter youth & young adults away from negative actions. 

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Tonya Kelly is no stranger to “the Struggle”, from battling and beating Cancer to putting her dreams on hold to deal with family issues or raising awareness about bullying. She alway finds a way to not only survive but success and triumph over adversity, Her rise to stardom will be epic. Tonya Kelly A.K.A. Sports Kelz has a weekly radio show on WTMH Radio called “On The Move with Sportz Kelz”, which she uses to Showcase local and national sporting events, Community driven Organizations as well as entrepreneurs and other small businesses. 

fashion provided by House of Baboski


“I was born in San Antonio, TX and raised in Columbus, Ohio as a TRUE OSU BUCKEYE. I hold a Masters of Education Early Childhood Education degree from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ.  Currently I teach First Grade at a local Columbus charter school.  A True sports fanatic to heart my favorite sports teams are; College football/basketball THE Ohio State University, NBA Cleveland Cavaliers; my favorite athlete is LeBron James and favorite NFL Football team is THE Dallas Cowboys. I LIVE AND BREATHE THE LOVE I CALL “SPORTS” “

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Soco Blast Spotlights Armetia Apopa

Over the past few weeks, months, and years Soconnex’s Producer Walter G Nalley II has gotten the chance to work with a lot of very influential people in various stages of their career, one of which is lady by the name of @Armetia_Apopa who is a life coach, public speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist and coming in June an on air personality, he had this to say about the rising star of the digital air waves.

One of the many  qualities she has is the ability and skill to listen. Strong willed and opinionated she has one clean message to deliver which is “succeed through adversity”. 
The overall goal of her various brands such as Balanced Wholeness, Camp Life and The Paradigm Radio Show, set to air on,  is to  educate, enlighten as well as build wealth spiritually and financially.
Lady Pope knows her stuff, armed with her personal life lessons and the word of God, added to her rich cultural heritage. When you come into contact with her, you will meet a caring and profound individual who is capable of speaking words of wisdom on various topics as well as sharing her thoughts, opinions and methods to a diverse audiences.

Catch her Fridays at 6 to 8 and Sundays at 3 to 5 on

Paradigm with Lady Pope
Live every Friday and Sunday
rebroadcast Tuesdays and Thursdays