SoCo (RMC) at the 23rd Annual Hip Hop Expo

“Created by Brothers Helpin Bruthas(BHB) in 1995, the Hip Hop Expo showcases talent and provides a forum for networking artist, industry entrepreneurs, & hip hop enthusiast.

Aspiring lyricists travel miles just to get a chance to spit a rhyme in the mighty anticipated M.C. battle. DJ’s bring their rotation of rhythms telling their stories through spinning records & showing their skills by mixing cutting & scratching. B-Boys/ B-Girls, breakers, and hip hop dancers lay down thier new moves on vinyl floor adorned with the signatures of “graff” artist.

The Hip Hop Expo has become an event that many midwest hip hop enthusiast use as a place to network & voice their reverence for the culture. Hip Hop DJ & dance students are now staff & entertainers @ the Expo. Every monday & tuesday BHB provides workshops in the community using his positive hip movement to deter youth & young adults away from negative actions. 

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