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Hashtagmania IV the – War for Improvisational Supremacy

On Thursday April 5, 2017 at Shadow box live, four teams faced off in various crowd motivated game to crown the winning group of improvisational comedians. the Wow Factor was on 100 as participants push the comic genius to the limit to to defeat the or teams in the end their can only be only one.

We met over four years ago in an improv class, and the rest is history. We’ve said from the beginning that we want to make sure that every experience with us is entertaining, fun and that the audience feels like a part of something. It’s all about the #makepeoplehappy philosophy, and we love building that community here in Columbus, OH





Gods Gift Market Place

Support multiples local entrepreneur, help to build up the the black  community and just have good time.  this event is hosted by the Soul Sisterz Sisterhood for more about this Non-Profit here 

SoCo (RMC) at the 23rd Annual Hip Hop Expo

“Created by Brothers Helpin Bruthas(BHB) in 1995, the Hip Hop Expo showcases talent and provides a forum for networking artist, industry entrepreneurs, & hip hop enthusiast.

Aspiring lyricists travel miles just to get a chance to spit a rhyme in the mighty anticipated M.C. battle. DJ’s bring their rotation of rhythms telling their stories through spinning records & showing their skills by mixing cutting & scratching. B-Boys/ B-Girls, breakers, and hip hop dancers lay down thier new moves on vinyl floor adorned with the signatures of “graff” artist.

The Hip Hop Expo has become an event that many midwest hip hop enthusiast use as a place to network & voice their reverence for the culture. Hip Hop DJ & dance students are now staff & entertainers @ the Expo. Every monday & tuesday BHB provides workshops in the community using his positive hip movement to deter youth & young adults away from negative actions. 

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SOCO RMC: Yarima Karama


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A night in bronzeville

first stop the Lincoln Cafe for a coffee and bit to eat, next over to the Homeport Gallery to view creations from local artists, then it was off to #theness, if you have never heard of it is one Columbus, Ohio premier poetry events hosting by @John_Gibson aka #jgthejuggernaut. while there I ran into another one Columbus’s finest The one the only #jae_esquire who took the time to give the me the low down on what’s happening in the world of the lyrically time bomb. Word to wise keep an eye out for Space Age the new ep from #jae_esquire. All and all I blessed to have such an awesome day