Cosplaying while Black


Cosplaying while Black   

In today’s cosplays, many people of vast cultural backgrounds create costume, participate events to immolate their favorite fantasy icon, imagination plays a major role in growth of this cultural brand, Many Cosplayers invasion his or her self as the character he or she  wish to bring to life. “Since I started cosplaying in 2008, I’ve traveled the country, hitting up as many cons as financially possible, all the while making incredible friends, unforgettable memories, and lugging hard-to-get-through-airport-security props along the way. (Have you ever tried to fly with a dress made out of plastic bubbles? Fun fact: you can’t. But you can ship it to your hotel!”

“After my pictures started making the rounds on deviantArt, tumblr and 4chan, it became pretty clear that my cosplay brings all the racists to the yard, and they’re like…white cosplay is better than yours.” Racism is an unwanted constant in any persons of color life, whether he or she is a mainstream individual or a member of subculture, Stereotypes will always be present, the basic formula of this social affliction is lack of knowledge + biasing one’s worth on a signal attribute, Cosplay is no different. Cultural minority exist in every social circle, building an open and positive line of communication can we grow as individual.

The beauty of Cosplay is the mostly base on individual perception, this have a downside as well. What would you do if you saw a white guy playing the Role of Black Panther in the upcoming movie ?. On the other hand when it becomes more than unfriendly and excluding a particle individual base on a singular trait, this kind of thinking kills the very concept many protons seek out Cosplay in the first……… THAT IS TO BE THEMSELVE




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